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Conference: Caribbean Insolvency Symposium
Title Year
“Wait — You Can Reorganize Under State Law Now?” 2015
Chapter 15 Update 2015
“A Mari Usque Ad Mare” (From Sea to [Caribbean?] Sea): Restructuring Developments in the Bahamas, Jamaica and Trinidad — What Does Canada Have to Do with It? 2015
Fixing Individual Chapter 11 Cases: An Absolute Priority 2015
Breakfast with the Judges 2015
Hot Topics in Bankruptcy Litigation 2015
Beyond the “Four Corners” of the Document: Practical Considerations for Creditors to Obtain Debt Recovery in the Caribbean 2015
Just When You Thought You Were Out, They Pull You Back In: Clawback Claims — The Story So Far 2015
Faculty Biographies 2015
Conference: Rocky Mountain Bankruptcy Conference
Title Year
Constitutional/Jurisdictional/Standing Issues 2015
Circuit Splits and Ethical Implications 2015
Special Issues in Solvent Debtor Cases 2015
Energy Cases 2015
Hot Topics and Ethics 2015
Real Estate 2015
Judges’ Roundtable 2015
Using Expert Witnesses in Trying Bankruptcy Cases 2015
Distinguished Careers in Bankruptcy Law, a.k.a. “The Crusty/Dusty Panel” 2015
Consumer Workshop I: Exemption Issues 2015
Consumer Workshop II: Divorce and Bankruptcy 2015
Consumer Workshop III: Practical and Ethical Issues in Succession Planning 2015
Consumer Workshop IV: Home Issues: Mortgages and Rule 3002 Update 2015
Faculty Biographies 2015
Conference: New Orleans Consumer Bankruptcy Conference
Title Year
Plan Confirmation with Surrender: How Do You Make It Work? What Do You Do with Mounting Property Taxes, Condo or Homeowners Association Fees, City Grass Liens, etc.? Are 363 Sales the Answer? 2015
Individual Chapter 11s: Pitfalls and Advantages 2015
Escrow Problems on the Proof of Claim and with Post-Petition Payments 2015
Litigation Skills Panel 2015
How to Approach Banks with Short Sales 2015
Professionalism/Civility Task Force 2015
Faculty Biographies 2015
Conference: Winter Leadership Conference
Title Year
Great Debates 2014
A Survey of Current Developments 2014
How to Make It Rain: Tips from Seasoned Business Developers 2014
Independent Directors, Beware! Corporate Governance Issues in Restructurings, Chapter 11 Cases and Liquidations 2014
Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s: Documenting the Settlement Agreement 2014
Asset Sales/Secured Credit: The Future of Asset Sales: To Surcharge or Not to Surcharge 2014
Health Care/Young & New Members: Health Care 101: What You Need to Know About Restructuring in the Health Care Industry 2014
Labor & Employment/Financial Advisors & Investment Banking/Legislation: Public Pensions in Bankruptcy: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Headed? 2014
Conflict and Controversy over Injunctions, Releases and Related Protective Relief 2014
A Primer to the Unwary on How to Avoid the Traps Associated with Different Types of Intellectual Property in a Bankruptcy Case 2014