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Conference: Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop
Title Year
Consumer Update 2014 2014
Asset-Protection Trusts in Bankruptcy: Creation, Litigation, and Practical Guides to Both 2014
After the § 363 Sale: And Now for the Rest of the Story 2014
Acquiring the Assets of a Distressed Company: A Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Best Sale Process 2014
Consumer Track: Lien-Stripping in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 2014
Welcome to the Chapter 11 Races! Jockeying for Position and Setting the Boundaries for Appropriate First Day Relief 2014
What You Don’t Know about E-Discovery Can Hurt You: Lessons Learned from Litigation 2014
Employment and Benefits Issues in Chapter 11 2014
Consumer Track: Not Just Another Infomercial: The Pros and Cons of the Proposed Chapter 13 Plan Form and Rules Changes 2014
Business Update 2014 2014
Consumer Track: Residential Mortgage Mediations in Bankruptcy: What Works, and How to Mediate Successfully 2014
Judges’ Roundtable 2014
Individual Chapter 11 Problems and Solutions, Including LLC Membership Interests, Absolute Priority Rule and Lifestyle Challenges 2014
Disclosure? We Don’t Need No Stinking Disclosure! Rule 2014 and Ethical Conflicts of Interest 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014
Conference: Northeast Bankruptcy Conference
Title Year
ABI Northeast Conference Trial Symposium 2014: Using Available Technologies in Bankruptcy Litigation — From the Basics to the Cutting Edge 2014
2nd Annual Understanding the Nonbankruptcy Part of the Deal: DIP Financing Agreements 2014
Claims Trading: The Growing Influence of Hedge Funds on Chapter 11 Practice 2014
Presenting Experts in Bankruptcy Litigation 2014
Mass Tort Chapter 11s 2014
The Mechanics of Prepacks: What Happens Pre-Petition, and How to Make It Stick Post-Petition 2014
What Happens When a Case Fails Post-Confirmation 2014
How Ideas Turn into Law: ABI Review Commission; Bankruptcy Code at 30; Sausage-Making 101 2014
363 Sales and Successor Liability 2014
The Ethical Limits of Secrecy and Confidentiality 2014
Bankruptcy and the U.S. Supreme Court: An Insider’s View of 2014 Decisions 2014
Mountainside Chat 2014
Lightning Rounds with a Judge 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014
Conference: Northeast Consumer Forum
Title Year
Plug In: Electronic Evidence in Bankruptcy Cases 2014
The Ethical Duty of Investigation: Does It Reach into Social Media? 2014
Does This Look Defective? 2014
A Plan to Get Paid: Debtors’ Counsel’s Fees in Chapter 13 2014
What Lurks in Them There Cases? 2014
Sayeth the Lawyer, “I Will Do This, but Not That”: The Ethical Implications of Limited Representation 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014
Conference: ABI Live
Title Year
Proposed Chapter 14 and the Future of Large Financial Institution Resolution 2014
Conference: Cross-Border Insolvency Program
Title Year
Chapter 15: How Fairfield Sentry, Barnet, Vitro and Other Recent Cases Have Affected Chapter 15 Availability and the Cross-Border Landscape 2014
Canada Panel: Managing Similarities and Differences Between the U.S. and Canadian Systems in Cross-Border Cases 2014
Argentina Debt Crisis and Its Implications for Sovereign Debt Restructuring 2014