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Conference: ABI/NYU Bankruptcy and Business Reorganization Workshop
Title Year
Case Study: Residential Capital 2014
Case Study: American Airlines 2014
Problematic Processes: Parts 1 (Ethics) and 2 2014
The Bleeding Edge of Avoidance 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014
Conference: ABI Workshop: Lending to Distressed Companies: Credit Analysis to Exit Strategy (or Keeping the Benefit of Your Bargain)
Title Year
A Borrower’s Market or Something Else? 2014
Working Through Distress: Post-Recession Portfolio and Credit Management 2014
Legal Issues in Turnaround Lending 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014
Conference: CARE Financial Literacy Conference
Title Year
CARE Core Values 2014
Legislative Update 2014
CARE Track: CARE Talk at Irving ISD Jack E. Singley Academy 2014
CLE Track: From Bad to Worse: Criminal and Civil Fraud 2014
CARE Track: Pomp and Circumstances: The Student Loan Crisis — Who Borrows, How Much, Delinquency and Default Trends 2014
CLE Track: An Attorney’s Ethical Duty to Disclose Confidential Information to Creditors of an Insolvent Client (Op. 603 (2010), 74 Tex. B.J. 74 (2011)): Did the Texas Ethics Committee Get It Right? 2014
Special Task Force Hearing: CARE for Our Troops 2014
The Neuroscience of Debtors 2014
CARE Track: CARE Boot Camp: Basic Training for Financial Foot Soldiers 2014
CLE Track: Bankruptcy Filings Under Obamacare: A Sickness or a Cure? 2014
CARE/FinLit Track: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Credit Cards (but Were Afraid to Ask) 2014
CLE Track: Judges’ Panel: “Your Honor, We Would Like to Know…” 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014
Conference: ABI Live
Title Year
Understanding Make-Whole and No-Call Provisions: Key Takeaways from Recent Decisions 2014
Conference: Southwest Bankruptcy Conference
Title Year
Very Good Debates 2014
Avoiding the Bankruptcy Code’s Early Land Mines 2014
Current Developments in Business Bankruptcy 2014
Municipal Bankruptcies: Lessons from the Front Lines 2014
Consumer Track: Chapter 11 vs. Chapter 13: An Individual Chapter 11 Is Not Just a Chapter 13 on Steroids 2014
Bringing Value to the Estate 2014
Confirmation Workshop 2014
Can I Appeal That? 2014
Consumer Track: Discharge Issues 2014
Anatomy of Evidentiary Proceedings 2014
Financing Strategies: Part I 2014
Financing Strategies: Part II 2014
The 11s of Tomorrow: Industry Issues, Including Health Care, Retail and Alternative Energy 2014
Consumer Track: Starting Off on the Right Foot: Client Intake and Its Practical and Ethical Issues 2014
The Supremes 2014
New Developments in 363 Sales 2014
Consumer Track: Current Developments in Consumer Bankruptcy 2014