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Conference: International Insolvency and Restructuring Symposium
Title Year
Keynote Speaker 2014
America Now! 2014
Judicial Forum 2014
Eurozone Update 2014 2014
Current Issues in International Restructuring 2014
International Cooperation in Cross-Border Cases: Is Modified Universalism a Busted Flush? 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014
Conference: Claims-Trading Program
Title Year
Claims-Trading Risks Such as Disallowance and Vote Designation 2014
Litigation Tactics to Protect Creditor Positions in Distressed Companies 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014
Conference: ABI/GULC Views from the Bench
Title Year
Confirmation Roundtable 2014
Cross-Border and International Bankruptcy 2014
Sales Panel: New Risks for Credit-Bidding 2014
Fraudulent Transfers and Ponzi Schemes 2014
Municipal Bankruptcies 2014
Ethics and Social Media 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014
Conference: ABI/UMKC Midwestern Professional Development Workshop
Title Year
Developing a Successful Bankruptcy Practice 2014
Current Business Developments and Trends in Insolvency Practice 2014
Common Mistakes Made in Consumer Cases: A Judicial Perspective 2014
Getting Bang for Your Buck When Engaging Financial Advisors and Expert Witnesses 2014
Training the Senior Partner 2014
Pitfalls and Ethical Dilemmas of a Solo Practice or Small Firm 2014
Conference: ABI/UMKC Midwestern Bankruptcy Institute
Title Year
Plenary Session: Great Debates 2014
Do Hashtags Generate Business? Using Social Media and the Internet to Grow Your Practice (and Maybe Even Go Viral) 2014
Consumer Track: Snake Eyes, or 11 the Hard Way: Betting the House in Individual Chapter 11 Cases 2014
Business Track: Representing Creditors in Wilmington and Manhattan: A Roadmap for the Midwest Practitioner for Litigating in America’s Busiest Bankruptcy Courts 2014
Professional Development Track: How to Do a Critical Review of Financial Statements and Tax Returns: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Client 2014
Consumer Track: This Isn’t Hide and Go Seek: Disclosure Issues in Consumer Bankruptcy Cases 2014
Business Track: Asset Sale Alternatives in the Health Care Space: § 363 and Beyond 2014
Professional Development Track: Mock Hearing: “I Don’t Have to Tell You That” — Evidentiary Privileges in Bankruptcy 2014
Consumer Track: Consumer Case Law Update from the Court’s Perspective 2014
Business Track: Business Case Law Update from the Court’s Perspective 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014
Conference: ABI Workshop
Title Year
Government Contracts and Bankruptcy: What Happens When Things Go South? 2014
Conference: ABI/NYU Bankruptcy and Business Reorganization Workshop
Title Year
Case Study: Residential Capital 2014
Case Study: American Airlines 2014
Problematic Processes: Parts 1 (Ethics) and 2 2014
The Bleeding Edge of Avoidance 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014