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Conference: Winter Leadership Conference
Title Year
Great Debates 2014
A Survey of Current Developments 2014
How to Make It Rain: Tips from Seasoned Business Developers 2014
Independent Directors, Beware! Corporate Governance Issues in Restructurings, Chapter 11 Cases and Liquidations 2014
Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s: Documenting the Settlement Agreement 2014
Asset Sales/Secured Credit: The Future of Asset Sales: To Surcharge or Not to Surcharge 2014
Health Care/Young & New Members: Health Care 101: What You Need to Know About Restructuring in the Health Care Industry 2014
Labor & Employment/Financial Advisors & Investment Banking/Legislation: Public Pensions in Bankruptcy: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Headed? 2014
Conflict and Controversy over Injunctions, Releases and Related Protective Relief 2014
A Primer to the Unwary on How to Avoid the Traps Associated with Different Types of Intellectual Property in a Bankruptcy Case 2014
Best Practices in Oral and Written Advocacy from the Perspective of Newer Judges 2014
Consumer All Stars: Hot Topics and Hotter Opinions 2014
Business Reorganization/ Bankruptcy Litigation: Criminal Intent: White-Collar Criminal and Securities Law Issues in Bankruptcy Cases 2014
Bankruptcy Taxation/Consumer Bankruptcy: Resolving Tax Issues in Bankruptcy Court 2014
Ethics & Professional Compensation/Real Estate: Ethical Implications in SARE Cases 2014
Are Your Bankruptcy Rights Worth Less When You Buy at a Discount? 2014
Ethics and Social Media 2014
Individual Chapter 11 Confirmation Mock Hearing 2014
Till 10 Years Later 2014
Commercial Fraud/Mediation: Alfred Peacock v. The Squab Family: Can Mediation Save the Golden Goose? 2014
Technology & Intellectual Property/Unsecured Trade Creditors: Maximizing the Value of IP Rights for the Benefit of Unsecured Creditors 2014
Report from the ABI Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014
Conference: ABI Live
Title Year
Supreme Court and Lawyers’ Fees: ASARCO and Pro-Snax 2014
Conference: Mid-Level Professional Development Program
Title Year
What’s Happening in Your City? Recent (and Future?) Developments in Municipal Bankruptcies 2014
How to Stay Relevant and Busy in a Down Market 2014
The Ins and Outs of Chapter 15: Don’t Be the Last One to “Recognize” the Benefits 2014
Keynote Presentation: When Will We All Get Busy Again? The Next Restructuring Wave and the Next Generation of Restructuring Practice 2014
Is Selling the New Reorganizing? 2014
Client Perspectives: Advice for Becoming the Next Great Leader 2014
Judges’ Panel 2014
Faculty Biographies 2014
Conference: Detroit Consumer Bankruptcy Conference
Title Year
Hot Topics and the Latest and Greatest: Case Law Update: Part I 2014
Hot Topics and the Latest and Greatest: Case Law Update: Part II 2014
Hot Topics and the Latest and Greatest: Case Law Update: Part III 2014
Debtors’ Duties and Responsibilities in Chapter 7 2014
Current Claims Issues in Chapter 13 Cases 2014
Preclusion Issues in Consumer Cases 2014
Current Real Estate Issues in Chapter 7 Cases 2014
Court-Facilitated Loan Modifications: Here, There and Everywhere: Part I 2014